Alliance Medinet Pte Ltd

Managing corporate healthcare is more than merely ensuring a healthy workforce. Tedious workflow of managing medical and employee benefits (EB) claims has been the constant headache of HR professionals. Bearing in mind the concerns of companies, Alliance adopts an integrated, web-based system that organises and manages your corporate medical claims.

Managing both network panel clinics and non panel medical claims, we ensure that your company's medical claims are administered and adjudicated by experienced professionals from the healthcare industry.

Our Services

Panel of Clinics

ALLIANCE MediNet manages an island-wide network of over 500 clinics comprising of GP, SP, 24-Hrs clinics, diagnostic radiology, clinical laboratory and TCM clinics. As the premier integrated medical network administrator, clients' employees can have easy access to our network of clinics on a cashless basis. Clients can have a full range of clinic types to choose from and made available to their employees.

Third Party Administration (TPA)

Expanding beyond managing an island-wide network of over 500 clinics, MediNet also administers non-panel clinics claims as Third Party Administrators (TPA). Many MNCs have engaged ALLIANCE for its robust, flexible and user friendly system.

This additional service, value-adds to provide a more holistic report on medical leaves, revisit trends, allowing us to interpret comprehensive health data thus serving you better.

Utilisation Management

Besides managing your medical claims, MediNet goes the extra mile in collating comprehensive utilisation reports that provides an overview of your company's healthcare expenses. Sophisticated, yet hassle-free, MediNet makes easy access for you and your employees to view medical utilisation.

With the ease of monitoring and analysing disease trends, identifying the cost drivers you can facilitate better control and reduce your corporate medical expenditure.