Our Programme
Our outpatient programme known as ‘MediNet’ will enable employers and insurance companies to efficiently and effectively administer and manages employees’ medical benefits. ‘MediNet’ programme deploys a fully-integrated benefits administration solution to manage claims from a panel of network healthcare providers and other sources.

In today’s competitive business environment, ALLIANCE recognizes that organizations desire to provide good hassle free medical benefits to retain human talent in its Employees’ Benefits Programme.

Organizations are also saddled with the labour-intensive and primarily paper-based processes associated with medical claims that are time-consuming and repetitive. It is an error-prone and inefficient process thus represents a significant cost to organizations which adds little justifiable value.

As an outsourced service provider, we provide the expertise and enabling technologies for companies to virtually eliminate the time-consuming process inherent in the reimbursement of employees’ medical claims via ‘MediNet’. ‘Medinet’ is an easily accessible web-based solution with intuitive easy-to-use functionalities and reporting capabilities.

ALLIANCE medical network management is the ideal one-stop solution to employee medical benefits, claims administration, management and reporting.

Its business model is grounded on the following:

Access to Islandwide Clinics – ALLIANCE administers her programme ‘MediNet’ through more than 200 affiliated clinics strategically appointed islandwide with good accessibility for employees and members of the public. This convenience for your employees to seek treatment without having to pay cash upfront thus eliminates the hassle of reimbursement and enhances the level of welfare.

Independent Doctor Clinics – ALLIANCE affiliated clinics are mostly owned by independent doctors or small medical group practices where doctors are focused on providing quality healthcare to patients and their family members.

Accreditation of Providers – ALLIANCE validates providers’ credentials through its domain and intimate knowledge in the healthcare industry and networking with medical professionals. Acting on HR feedback and regular audit to medical claims, ALLIANCE ensures that a high level of healthcare standards is maintained.

Policies Driven – ALLIANCE manages the provider network in accordance with its clients’ company policies on referrals to specialists, diagnostic laboratory and other tests as well as drug and clinical procedures pricing. ALLIANCE is able to ensure uniform pricing and provides consultancy and advice to companies on best practices in the management of healthcare costs.

Robust Information System – ALLIANCE web-based system is a robust and tested system deploying the latest .Net technology capable of consolidating employees’ medical benefits, monitoring healthcare cost, measuring efficiencies and generating ad hoc reports for Clients with a click of a mouse.

Single Point of Contact and Availability - Our Clients only deal with ALLIANCE as a single point of contact while employees can access to a wider chain of clinics islandwide.

Reduced Administrative Costs - Online claims submission from providers, data entry through ALLIANCE as TPA and Client’s benefit enrolment and management eliminate inefficient paper processes and data entry, resulting in savings and increased efficiency.

Improved Data Integrity Reduces Errors - Our business rules driven system ensures accurate administration and delivery of claims via straightforward processing with a single point of data entry, thereby significantly reducing claim errors from providers and members. In addition, our management reporting tools provide details of transactions, supported by complete and accurate data.

Easy Access to consolidated information - ’MediNet’ is web-based and can be seamlessly integrated with Clients’ internal systems to provide updated and easy-to-access information to employers and employee. This self-service feature allows HR to redirect resources and focus on more value-added activities to their organization.

To facilitate ease of management, HR can easily download Utilization Management Reports for ad-hoc reporting and validation. An enhanced security features allow only authorized access to relevant information.

Competitive Pricings and Uniform Rates - We have standardized our pricing for certain expensive medication and surgical procedures. These rates are captured in the system and applied across our affiliated network providers.
Corporate Clients can leverage our existing infrastructure with full Hardware and Software development capabilities to manage data without hefty investment in system integration and manpower resources.

Company HRs will be able to administer employee’s medical records and monitor health trends through information available on our web-based ‘MediNet’ system, which can include reports to track costs and measure efficiencies.

Depending on individual organization’s employee benefits policy, ‘MediNet’ programme can customize schemes based on:

Capping of $x per visit
Capping of $x per year
Co-payment of $x per visit
Co-payment of x% per visit
Co-payment and capping (combined)
Fee for Service
Other special schemes